Growing up i thought becoming anything less than Alan Shearer would have been a disappointment. Spending every waking second trying to improve my football skills in the hope that one day someone would pay me dickloads of cash in exchange for me kicking a ball in and around a white net slung over some goal posts. Luckily enough for me i was introduced to skating at about 12 and the inevitable failure that was to come trying to become a proffessional footballer didn't matter a fuck to me anymore. Strange really but the idea that i could skate around, throwing my self in bushes and down stair sets with like minded idiots really appealed to me. Whilst learning the absolute basics of skateboarding i took up music as an absolute obsession and was certain i had it all figured out.......... Get a skate sponsor, Get signed in my very own punk rock band and fuck about the world getting paid stupid money. Sadly, as i grew older i became increasingly aware of the lack of silver lining surrounding my dream cloud. All that said, i still play football , i still skate ( badly ), and i still play in my very own punk rock band 15 years on from them first pipe dreams. My point is that if you like doing something enough you'll do it whether you're getting buckets of cash for it or if you have to drop days at work to find time for it and end up in the fucking red. These pictures and drawings are just something i like doing. They are mostly things I've heard ( from fucking idiots ) or kind of posing questions to things some people otherwise wouldn't have. I have no false pretences about being shit at drawing or rubbish at “ art “ ( makes me feel sick ) but i don't give a fuck and neither should you. If you like how it looks, or like what it says then who gives a shit.
Peace the fuck out.